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Dr. Kraus
Studio dentistico


Dr. Kraus dental practice offers an extensive expertise in different dental specialities and subspecialities, a long clinical experience and a state-of-the-art infrastructure. For multidisciplinary treatments from simple to complex.

We value top-quality dentistry and personal care tailored to specific patient‘s needs.


Specialist advice and second opinions

Conservative dentistry

  • Prophylaxis and dental hygiene
  • Tooth-colored composite and ceramic fillings
  • Root canal treatments

Esthetic dentistry

  • Esthetic smile analysis and design, advice, simulation of the esthetic goal
  • Minimal invasive ceramic veneers
  • Bleaching


  • Planning and implementation of complex prosthetic rehabilitations 
  • Crowns, partial crowns, bridges
  • Minimal invasive ceramic recontructions
  • Removable partial dentures, complete dentures

Dental implants

  • Implant surgery 
  • Bone regeneration (in combination with implant placement) 
  • Implant-supported crowns and bridges
  • Fixed implantat-supported fullarch reconstructions (for edentulous patients) 
  • Implants for anchoring and stabilising a removable denture

Oral surgery

  • Wisdom tooth removal 
  • Regeneration of extensive bone defects for later implantation
  • Apical surgery (surgical treatment of persistent root infections)
  • Cyst removal 
  • Diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the oral mucosa
  • Treatments under sedation or general anesthesia (if requested)


  • Care of periodontitis-susceptible patients (gum disease)
  • Conservative treatment of gingival pockets
  • Periodontal surgery (incl. periodontal regeneration) 
  • Recession coverage (gum corrections)
  • Laser therapy 
  • Soft tissue augmentation

Digital dentistry

  • Digital impressions 
  • Digital simulation of the esthetic goal
  • Computer aided design and manufacturing of ceramic restorations (CAD/CAM), in a single appointment ("Cerec®")
  • 3D x-ray diagnostics and digital implant planning


  • Tooth alignments with transparent splints («Invisalign®») 
  • Removable and fixed appliances 
  • Combined orthodontic, periodontal and prosthetic treatments


The practice provides the expertise of dentists specialized in various fields of dentistry.

Dr. med. dent. Dan Kraus

Specialist in reconstructive dentistry (SSO/SSRD)

Dr. med. dent. Riccardo D. Kraus

Specialist in Oral Surgery (SSO/SSOS)
Specialist in Reconstructive Dentistry (SSO/SSRD)
MAS Oral & Implant Surgery, University of Berne
MAS Oraler Implantologie, University of Zurich
Certificate of Continuing Education in Oral Implantology (SSO/SGI)

Gaia Bacci

Dental hygienist

Lara Rosa

Dental assistant

Benita Gojnovci

Dental assistant

Dental assistant

Diana Machado

Apprentice dental assistant


For dentists

Your patients can be referred to us for a complex prosthetic rehabilitation, an oral surgical treatment, an implant therapy or even just for an X-ray.

You will receive regular updates on the status of the treatment. At the end of the therapy, your patient will of course be referred back to you and you will receive a final report.

For referred patients

After receiving the referral form, we will contact you to arrange an initial examination and consultation.

After the therapy is completed, we will refer you back to your trusted dentist, in any case.

Referral form (pdf)


Dr. Kraus
Studio Dentistico Polispecialistico
Via Lucchini 6
6900 Lugano

T  +41 (0) 91 922 63 22

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 8.00 AM to 5.30 PM

The practice is in 2-minutes walking distance from 
«Autosilo Palazzo dei Congressi», where you can find numerous parking slots.